Polishing Service

  • We have our own in-house polishing facility that enables quick supply of polished tubes and pipes
  • エスティチュブラ(社)は自社の工場に7-head研磨技と10-headミーラ研磨技を保有し,180 grit ~ 800 gritまで速やかな製品研磨が可能です。
  • This machine automatically grinds the exterior of the tube. Polishing and buff grinding stones  or paper wheels are used at each grinding head.
    It also, includes rollers at each end of the machine that help transfer and support products.







  • Our machines have the ability to hold exceedingly tight tolerances (+/- 0.15mm) on diameters ranging from 20mm ~ 70mm with cut lengths on the automatic saws of up to 3,000mm
  • 我が社は自動切断機と半自動切断機を保有し,顧客が望むサイズで速やかな時間に定着した切断が可能です(切断について詳しい事項は担当者と文意してください)。